Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meeting Baby Sister

Clay had no idea what was coming when it came time to meet his sister. Obviously though, Mike and I were very thrilled to introduce the two of them. He was very timid at first but warmed up to her quickly. Here's a few pictures from their meeting. I can honestly say it's just what I've always wanted. So sweet.

Daddy introduces Clay to Carolina


penny lane designs said...

congratulations! it's time for a new blog design now. :) your baby girl is beautiful!

jennifer said...

What fun pictures of Clay meeting Carolina!! Wasn't it a great moment? (By the way do you pronounce it Carolina like the states or is the "i" an "long e" sound?? Sorry, it is the teacher in me, I want to say her name right when I am reading your posts!! :) )

Sounds like a long and rough delievery and recovery...hope everything is better now!