Saturday, May 31, 2008

Intelligender Test

Since I read so many other blogs about people's favorite things, I thought I would share with you my experience with the Intelligender test. Here's a little blurb from their website to tell you about their product: "IntelliGender's G.P.T. is a simple in-home urine analysis similar to an in-home pregnancy test which identifies whether an expectant mom is having a boy or a girl."

When I was pregnant with Clay, I was beside myself wondering what he was. Our choices were: do an ultrasound or take a $350 send off blood test. Clay had his legs closed at my 12 week ultrasound so we had to wait until our next ultrasound (which was at 18 weeks) to find out . You can see why I was so thrilled to see a $35 test I could buy at the pregnant lady store that would scientifically tell me what I was having at 10 weeks (even earlier than an ultrasound can). Good news!

So I took the test which claims to be 90% accurate (and 99% for a girl). Assuming our last ultrasound is right, the test worked for us- it's a girl. I read a lot of stuff about how the test doesn't work and blah, blah, blah but even if it hadn't worked it was still fun to do and wait the 10 minutes for the results. And, it was right (I think...). So, if you're expecting or know someone who is, try this fun little test and see how it works for you!

The Custom Bust

Today was the Magic Moon big sale of the year where everything was supposed to be up to 75% off. They do custom bedding and have all of the high end baby stuff that is way out of our league- especially for the second baby in two years. I went to the sale last year when I was pregnant with Clay and was able to find some cute clothes and room stuff for him. I was so excited to get their email about another big sale and immediately called Rebecca to be my back- up for helping with Clay (since Mike works on Saturdays) and getting all of the girly things I wanted. I knew from the last sale that it was going to be a CIRCUS and people were just grabbing and pushing.

Mike kept telling me this week that he'd never seen me so worked up about a sale before. Normally, these crazy, 'pushing people out of the way', mob-scene sales are NOT my style. I'm ALL about a good deal but I don't like competition in stores and especially when there's only one of everything.

So anyway, I was telling Mike since I know there's no way we're going to spend $900+ on crib bedding, I'd love to be able to have the same bedding for 75% off and I'm willing to go to the crazy circus sale for it. The thing that kept stressing me out, though, was I really wanted to go to get just the perfect bedding BUT I was totally afraid someone would snatch up just what I wanted right in front of my eyes because there is ONE of everything- just one. Mike swears this kept me up last night.

Anyhow, Mike was nice enough to switch his work schedule around so he could go in late and keep Clay this morning. This was good news because it meant Rebecca and I could divide and conquer. We got there 45 minutes early and were the 5th and 6th people in line. How could we miss?

We talked to some ladies in line while we were waiting. I could tell that they weren't anywhere near as serious about getting a deal as I was. One of them was due in September and showed us the bedding fabric swatches she had picked out from another company and told us how she didn't really know what she was looking for at the sale. The other had a little boy a little older than Clay and didn't seem too into the whole thing, either.

So Rebecca and I discussed strategy and I told Rebecca I was heading straight for the baby girl bedding. That was my one mission.

When they let us in, the bedding was right there. A whole wall of mixed up madness. Twin bedding, day bedding, crib bedding, boy bedding, girl bedding- all in one pile. Great. We had been in the doors maybe 2 minutes and I see it. The exact bedding I had gotten the swatches for and sat with the lady and designed for a girl before we knew it was a Clay. Just a couple of weeks ago I had shown the swatches to someone and told them how much I loved it and how I'd love to have it this time around. And it was RIGHT THERE. In someone else's hands. Not just anybody- the same lady in line behind me who had shown me her swatches from a different company and told me she didn't really know what she was looking for at the sale. She had it and she wanted it.

My worst fear had come true. The bedding I wanted (at 75% off) was totally snatched out from beneath me and there was nothing I could do. Boo. And that is the story of the last time I will be attending a crazy circus sale (even though Rebecca is ALWAYS nice enough to come and tackle the crowds with me!).

If anyone has any suggestions of custom bedding places or people who make custom bedding, please leave me a comment. After all of the shenanigans with Clay's bedding (adorable custom bedding but totally shady lady) I just want this bedding process to be simple (and custom).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Clay's Baby Sister

It was with GREAT pleasure that we made our official announcement this past week at Clay's birthday party that when he blew out those candles he was wishin' for a baby sister- and he got his wish! Miss Carolina Blair will be joining our family in mid-November. We have been so blessed with Clay and are thrilled to have a little girl to love!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Clay's Birthday

Here's a few pictures from Clay's Big Day:

His special cupcake


He kept pushing the presents off of his highchair.
So we moved him out and onto bigger things....

Every birthday boy should squat when their mama measures them on their height chart (29 inches!).
Such a big boy and such a sweet day!

Happy Birthday Baby!

My sweetheart turned one this week (May 9th) and it was such a fun time! He has been the biggest blessing for us and he gets more precious by the day. He was born perfectly healthy three weeks early and came home last Mother's Day. Ever since, he has been full of fun surprises! Here's to a wonderful year with you, sweet boy.

Two weeks old

Three months old
Six months old
Ten months old

And here's to many more years of smiles, laughs and joy....

Happy, Happy First Birthday Clay Morgan!

Birthday Week

Our month of company continued when my dad came in the first week of May to celebrate his birthday, mine and Clay's. His is the 1st, mine's the 4th and Clay's is the 9th. Happy Birthday to us! Unfortunately, I forgot to get any pics of my dad with Clay (next time, Dad). We got to try out Rafain which is a Brazilian steakhouse where they walk around with the meat on the swords and slice it onto your plate. My dad had never been to a Brazilian steakhouse and I think Clay ate his weight in meat! We had a really nice visit and Clay got to show his Grandpa lots of fun things. It was such a fun week around our house.

For my birthday, I decided that the one thing I really wanted was a Roomba 570. Roomba's are robotic vacuums that are supposed to be fabulous. So I told Mike about it and MUCH to my surprise, a Roomba was delivered to my door as a birthday/Mother's Day present from Mike, Clay and my in-laws. I was SO excited. It's exactly what I love in a present- practical, practical and practical. Her name is Rosie (after the Jetson's robot) and she has been quite the helper around my house this week. Thank you Mike, Anita, Bobby and Clay!

Since I'm the kind of person who reads other people's blogs to see what they think of their gadgets, I'll make sure to put an update to let you know how Rosie does. As of now, we push a button and she vacuums for three hours from room to room (she even does baseboards!) We have ALL hardwoods with area rugs (and three animals) so she saves me some serious vacuuming time. Yippee!

Company's Comin' to Town

It's been such a busy month for our house so I haven't posted since April! Our house has been full of family and full of fun! Two of our favorite people in the whole wide world came to visit us the first week of April. My niece Casey and nephew Kaelen spent a week with us. Clay had a blast (of course) and all of us were sad when it was time for them to go home. We spent some time at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine and had the BEST time. It's a new indoor waterpark resort that is so great for families. You have to stay at the resort to have access to all of their fun things and we went during the week AND during the school year meaning NO CROWDS! We all had a fantastic time and didn't want to leave. We also went to a lot of other fun kiddo places in town and played and played. Here's a little picture recap:

Going Bonkers at Goin' Bonkers

Clay modeling his swimwear at the Great Wolf Waterpark
Just Having Fun
Doing the MagiQuest Treasure (another really fun activity for older kids at GWL)

Everybody Riding Along at Chuck E. Cheese

As soon as Casey and Kaelen left, we made a last minute trip to our old stomping grounds- San Antonio. The best part was getting to visit with Casey and Kaelen's little sister, Brittan. She is so sweet. Whereas Clay has absolutely NO volume control (and never has), this little girl barely squeaks when she is upset. You actually have to tell people that she is crying. She is such a happy girl! How much fun to watch these two grow up together!

Here's a couple of pics of Clay and Brittan sitting on Mike's lap. I wasn't sure exactly what these two were saying so I asked Clay to translate for me so I could tell all of you nice readers. Here's what he said:

C: "Hey Brittan, I've got something to show you that my Daddy taught me. Are you ready??"

C: "Okay, Brittan, this is called a "GUN SHOW!!!""

You can tell Brittan was super impressed...

We had all of this running around to do and all of this company to see but Clay has one signature move to make sure he stays relaxed. He ALWAYS puts one foot up on whatever surface he can find. He sure does know how to make himself at home!