Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Avoiding the Question

Clay comes in the kitchen while Mike and I are cooking and says, "I need a towel." Mike asks him why and he says, "To wipe Crina's face. She's sticky." Mike and I both know we haven't given the kids anything to eat (they were watching Barney in our bed) so we kept on cooking and didn't think much about it.

When lunch was ready, Mike went to get the kids and Carolina's face was covered in chocolate. We still didn't know where it came from since Clay didn't have any on him.

Me: "Clay, where did Carolina get the chocolate all over her face??"
Clay: "I'll tell you tomorrow."
Me: "Clay, where did she get that stuff on her face??"
Clay: "God gave it to her."

That's when I gave up.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Circus Time!

Last week we got to do something really special with the kids. It's another of those things that I was really excited about doing as a mom so I was just as thrilled as the kids. We got to go to the circus!

We had the most awesome 3rd row seats (thanks to Nana and Papa) and we were right in the middle of everything. I couldn't believe how close we were especially when they made the two rows in front of us move to the arena so they could do the high-wire act above our heads. Clay had to lie down just to see it!

We had been talking about the circus for several weeks and Clay was extremely excited about going. He would talk about the "junglers" (jugglers) and the other things he had heard from the Mommy Date book.

We thought about not taking Carolina because we thought she might be too little but we were so wrong! She paid attention as much as Clay did. She was way more wiggly and needed more snacks to keep her occupied but she was really into it. She loved it when the "zee zee's" (zebras) came out and she got to go on the floor with Mike and watch the elephants paint during the pre-show (Clay and I missed it since we were in the restroom :().

Carolina did pretty well but there was a point where she got her foot stuck in the chair in front of her and Mike had to kneel down and try to get her free. She was pretty stuck because it took some maneuvering to get her loose. She didn't try that trick again!

Clay was in a circus trance and he couldn't take his eyes off the show. When we tried to talk to him, he just stared and his expression never changed. He was in awe. It was the greatest thing to watch him take it all in and love it all.

Before the show we walked around and looked at all of the booths and Clay fell in love with the sno-cones. He started talking about the a couple of minutes into the show and we had to keep reassuring him that he would get one when it was snack time. He couldn't wait to get his hands on one (and I was loving being able to add to the "circus magic" by getting him something so fun). Luckily, the sno-cone was so big that we could give Carolina some in a cup and she was just as thrilled. As ever with my little opposites, she wanted chicken and fries so they both shared their goodies and everyone was happy.

When the show ended, they turned on the lights and everyone stood up. Mike swooped Carolina up and I turned to Clay and said, "Did you have a good time?". He looked at me for a couple of seconds and then just burst into tears! Bless his heart, he was so sad it was over and did NOT want to go home. We felt so bad for him but he recovered quickly.

Mike and I had so much fun just watching the kids. I'm sure the show was fantastic but nothing beats seeing their little faces when they can't believe their eyes. It was such a neat experience for all of us and we are so grateful that we got to go. We're looking forward to many more circuses to come!

(Just a little side note about their circus outfits. I thought they looked precious in their matching outfits and we got tons of compliments but my favorite comment was from a group of kids who came with their daycare. All of a sudden as we pass the group this little boy starts shouting to his friend, "Look at that BOY in a dress! Look at that BOY in a dress!" I guess he saw Carolina's dress and thought Clay must be in a dress, too (for the record it's a jon-jon). I was laughing so hard! Poor Clay in a "dress"!)