Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer Fun II: Houston

My time at home after Vegas did not last long at all. Within a couple of days, Rebecca, the kids and I were on our way to visit friends in Houston.

Rebecca and I had planned a trip to Houston to visit my college roommate, Amanda, and her family. Amanda's son and daughter, Grayson and Bailey, are close in age to my little ones so we knew it was a recipe for lots of noise and lots of fun!

We arrived on a Thursday afternoon and immediately Clay and Grayson clicked. They played together so well and were so cute together! It's so funny to me how kids that age play together like they've known each other forever (and it's the first time they've met).

Grayson and Clay at Rainforest Cafe

Carolina and Aunt Rebecca

Clay continues to have a thing for girls' pink sunglasses and did not want to give up Bailey's glasses the whole time we were there (and she graciously shared). The boys ran themselves ragged and the girls sat back and took it all in. Bailey's a year older than Carolina but I have a feeling those girls will team up and be in on the action pretty soon!

We really enjoyed getting to visit with Amanda and her family and we were all sad for the trip to come to an end. It's so special to me that mine and Amanda's children can play together now since we have been friends for so long (I can't believe it's been over 10 years now!).

Clay still talks to me about Grayson's house. We definitely will be planning another get together with our good friends soon!

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Rebecca said...

That weekend was a lot of fun! Love the college pic of yall!