Sunday, May 30, 2010

Clay's Tractor Birthday

For a couple of months now Clay had been talking about having a "tractor" birthday. After asking him several times what kind of birthday he wanted, I showed him some pictures and he chose one of a "tractor" (really a bulldozer). So a tractor birthday it was!

He was very excited about his birthday and gave us lots of ideas of things he wanted (mostly from commercials). We were thrilled that the thing he talked about most was Geotrax and we had already purchased a big set.

We woke up the big day and I put the finishing touches on his birthday bucket. This year's bucket had a special book, tractor shirt, watercolors, stamp set and a Happy Birthday coloring book.

When he woke up (at 6:30 like normal), we went in there with all of our camera gear and singing fun and reminded him that it was his birthday. He covered his head and was embarrassed (just like last year). I showed him the birthday bucket and he was excited to get to see all of his fun things.

We went into the dining room where his Geotrax was set up and he was SO excited. He couldn't wait to get his hands on it. Poor child had been pretending that his Thomas trains were "Jo-Jo Tracks" all along so to have the real deal was huge for him. (Ironically, now that it's been 6 weeks he doesn't even use the remote. He still wants to make the trains move manually like his wooden Thomas ones do. Oh well. )

When it was breakfast time, we had a birthday breakfast of bacon and eggs tacos (the boy loves bacon). He was so happy to see the candle but very shy about the singing. Nana and Papa were visiting so we played throughout the day with the Geotrax.

The highlight of his day was getting to go to the "jungle" for dinner. He had been asking to go to Rainforest Cafe for quite a while and he knew that that's where his birthday dinner would be. Since it was also Mother's Day, we had our fingers crossed that it wouldn't be busy (and it wasn't).

When we got to the mall where Rainforest Cafe is, Clay was so excited to see the train. The train makes a loop around the mall and he couldn't wait to get on. Nana and Papa were the chaperones while Mike, Rebecca and I got set up inside the restaurant. The kids were both thrilled to be on the train and could have ridden it all night.

When we finally got settled in the restaurant, Clay had the best time. The kids got balloon animals and special light up cups to drink from. We all had a fun dinner watching the animals and enjoying Clay's special dinner with him.

After we got home we had some of Clay's birthday cake. A tractor cake made with love (but not too pretty).

Clay loved opening his gifts and was excited about each and every one. Some of his fun gifts this year were the Hungry, Hungry Hippos game, new rain gear, a farm Lego set, new tractors, and the Bounce Back Racer.

We had such a fun day with our birthday boy and even let him stay up a little late playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos. I definitely think his "tractor birthday" was everything he thought it would be. Such a fun day!


Anita/Nana said...

His tractor birthday was a big hit for sure! He especially loved his tractor cake. (Brittany, Buddy from Carlo's Bakery would have been proud.)It was a great day.

Jamie Skloss said...

What a great and special day! I love the pictures--my fav is the one with Nana and Papa in the train with the kids! SO SWEET!