Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Father/Son Birthday Surprise!

One year when Mike and I were dating, I bought him a sunset plane tour of downtown Dallas for his birthday. We had such a blast and we talk about it every time we pass downtown as something we'd love to do again.

So when the opportunity arose for me to get another plane tour, I jumped on it! The plane was very small and I was a little hesistant about both parents being up in the air at the same time so this would be a surprise trip for Mike's birthday just for him and Clay. I knew Mike would love to do it again and it would be Clay's "first" plane ride (he had been on a commercial flight once before but he was so small he doesn't remember it).

I kept the secret and Mike was so eager to see what his birthday present would be. We drove over to the little airport and it was so much fun to let the boys in on the surprise! Clay could not wait to get up in the plane.

The pilot was so nice to take us all around the plane and explain all about it but Clay only wanted one thing: to get up in the air! I was a little sad to miss the experience with Clay but I was thrilled that Mike got to be there with him and watch him soak it all in.

Both Mike and Clay wore headphones for the flight and Clay oohed and aahed over every little thing. He loved looking at the swimming pools and recognizing the American Airlines Center where we had just been to the circus.

Mike and the pilot both emphasized how Clay was VERY sad when the plane had to land. When the flight was over, the pilot let Clay play with the controls and all the fun stuff in the pilot's chair. So cool!

It was such a special experience for Mike and Clay and I loved that they had such a great time. It was Mike's birthday present but I'm not sure who had a better time!


Anita/Nana said...

Do you think Mike enjoyed the scenery outside the plane as much as he enjoyed watching Clay on the inside? Clay sure was talking about how much HE liked it. Great gift for father and son!

Jenn said...

I love the picture of Clay with the earphones on. Classic Cuteness! CALENDER PIC for sure!