Monday, July 18, 2011


Clay and I work on "schoolwork" each night after Carolina goes to bed (he's a night owl). I am so proud of the progress he has made and I love watching him work hard each night. I've given him a little grace over the years--I'm totally guilty of wanting him to just enjoy being a little boy and not pushing school until he was ready. He's totally ready now and so motivated, too!

We were working on this upper/lowercase letter sheet tonight for the first time and he did the "A" and the "E" first. I was cracking up when he connected the "O" and the "U". He very deliberately drew all the way around and told me, "I just don't want the line to crash into the other lines." Works for me.

The other page was our last page of the night (hence the sloppiness on the lines) and I asked him to write his name at the bottom of the page. I loved watching him think about each letter and getting each one right and so "pretty" on the paper. The best part, though, was the HUGE smile on his face when he realized that he had done it all by himself without my help. Of course I was making a big deal about it, too, but there's nothing like pride in your work and oh boy, did he have it!


Anita/Nana said...

So proud of you Clay!

Me and My Boys said...

He's doing so good! I wish I would have worked harder with the boys, but ready or not, school is here!