Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here is my first picture post! I have been waiting to make my blog announcement until I could post a picture- so here it is. Clay is a frog for his first Halloween. Frogs have a special meaning for Mike's parents and me, so this costume was used as part of our Christmas surprise last year when we announced we were expecting. It's fits like a glove (literally, it wouldn't fit next week I don't think!) Anyway, more picture posts to come...

It Ain't Easy Being Green

But...He's Happy to be Hoppy


Rebecca said...

I love the froggie costume!! He's precious!

Luv u!

Anita/nana said...

LOVE IT, BRITTANY. Great choice of costumes, and CLAY looks adorable (as always). Kiss him for Papa and Me.

Love you guys!

Anita said...

Papa said to tell you he LOVED the costume! Great job!