Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Peek into Our Fall

Since I could finally get our pictures to upload, I thought I would update our blog by pictures. Our house feels like it is pure craziness all the time, so here's a little of what we've been up to:

Nana & Papa came for Clay's Baby Dedication

We've Been Teaching Daddy to Play Peekaboo

Like a True Skloss, He's Ready for Hunting Season

Daddy's 1st Little Hunting Buddy

The ONLY Time in the Past Six Months When We Weren't Holding a Baby...

Little Man in the Middle

Officer Daddy feeds Clay his Fruits and Veggies

Saving Mommy Money on Baby Soap

Whew! I think I just cleaned out the digital camera for a while. We have many more pictures to post so stay tuned...


Nana/Anita said...

Sorry to all you other parents out there - but Clay Morgan Skloss is the cutest thing going on right now! Ask Britany how many times she hears that each day, it must be true!!! LOVE the pictures and the blog site. Thanks for sharing. Nana/Anita

Mandy Hebert said... do you add people to your 'friends' list?