Friday, November 9, 2007

A Sweet Six Months

Clay turned six months old yesterday! We sang "Happy 1/2 Birthday" to him all day. He loved it! It has been such a great six months. We have truly enjoyed every day with our little prince. It all started with a 6 lb. 4 oz., 18 inch long little boy. Everybody kept talking about how tiny he was. He lived in preemie clothes for the first six weeks. Now I can't even carry him in the car seat because he's too heavy! Everybody always talks about how big he is now. What a difference six months makes! Here's a (long) look at the last six months:

Just before Clay arrived...
Two day old Clay
Taking a snooze

Clay with Dr. Wells Three week old Clay after his surgery
That little grin
Happy boy
Mommy loves that smile
Up to something...
That exersaucer can be a little overwhelming!

Our little thumb sucker

Clowning around
Cousin Kaelen took this
Ta Da! Clay's newest trick! Sitting up like a big boy!

Here kitty, kitty (Landry better watch out in the next six months!)
I can't seem to get his six month old fall picture to load but hopefully I can get it soon. Stay tuned!


Rebecca said...

I can't believe he's sitting up already!!! Can't wait to see it.

melissa said...

hey!! this is Ashley...if you still remember me...haha jkjk i haven't seen you in forever. I remember when i was little you took me and my brother and CAsey to Seaworld..(I think thats what it was) MAN...was that long ago... Well anyway Clay is really cute.Granny has a picture of you and your husband up on her t.v. so that's the last i've seen of you. well ttyl bubi <3<3<3

GrandPa said...

Can't wait to see him again,, he'll probably be crawling by the 22nd