Saturday, January 19, 2008

Learning to Crawl

My baby boy is finally starting all of the motions towards crawling and it is such an experience to watch. I often put a toy in front of him on the floor just enough out of his reach that he will have to move forward to get it. He will lay on his stomach and "swim" in the air while I lay in front of him and encourage him. He always gets so frustrated because instead of moving forward, he makes himself move backward.

As I was lying on the floor encouraging him the other night I thought about how this scenario reminds me a lot of how we are with God. He will put something special in front of us but instead of going for it, we back away. All along He is there encouraging us but we can't hear Him because we're fussing and complaining.

Now as a mother I know that it's not helping Clay if I just give him the toy. He has to learn how to crawl because that leads to something much more significant- walking. If I were to give him the toy, he would miss out on the lesson and never learn to walk on his own. In the same sense, I realize if God were to give us all of our gifts without letting us learn along the way we would never grow and evolve.

It's so amazing to watch him grow and learn. I realize more each day that as much as I think I'm teaching Clay, God is using Clay to teach me so much more....


nana/anita said...

It is so true Brittany, and very comforting knowing that God is right by your side every step of the way. In most cases, ahead of you preparing the way! Parenthood is the toughest job you and Mike will ever love! Family is a great institution. I am go thankful that mine is growing and branching out with you, Clay, and Jamie. Hugs!

The Short Family said...

Britt, Clay is getting so big! What a handsome guy. Tell Mike that I think Clay has "guns" too (he always says Anthony has guns). Your blog looks great, where did you get that background?

See U soon hopefully!