Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year's Week

After all of our traveling for Christmas, we were back home for four days. Clay loved playing with his some of his new toys.

One morning I heard him fussing in his bed during naptime and I couldn't figure out why.

Meet Lilly:

We were back in Dallas for just a short time (long enough for Mike to work). For New Year's, our little family got back in the car and went to San Antonio. We arrived New Year's Eve and celebrated playing board games (oh, the joys of getting older...).

Clay quickly got back in the groove of playing at Nana and Papa's house.

He was clearly very excited about the New Year!

The next night, Mike and I went on a date to the Tower of the Americas and stayed in a fancy hotel downtown. It was so nice and relaxing for us and Mike's parents kept Clay.

Parents Night Out

We came back to Mike's parents rested and relaxed and with a six year old in tow. My nephew, Kaelen, came to hang out with us for the night. He and Mike went out on the four wheeler and it was freezing!


The boys

After four wheeling, making s'mores and trying to make exploding microwave marshmellows (Mike's idea), Kaelen wanted to play hangman. Mike's mom and I guessed and guessed on what this word could be but we could never guess what it was.

I wonder why...

His word was scooll. Note to self: be creative when playing hangman with a first grader.

One of the highlights of Clay's trip to Nana's and Papa's is getting to eat fun stuff. Here is one adventure:

And now, we are back home in Lewisville once again. Here's a rundown of our last couple of days. Clay is sick for the first time (yuck!) and has to take an inhaler.

Poor baby!

That keeps me busy so Landry has been helping with dinner...

And supervising Clay's bathtime...

Thanks Lilly and Landry! You sure do know how to help out (or give your mom one more place to clean with bleach wipes, however you choose to look at it!)

Hopefully, I will be a better blogger in the new year. Here's to 2008!


Anita/Nana said...

Brittany, you do a great job of remembering details! I love reading the blogs and seeing all the adorable pics of Clay in his day to day activities as well as all the special events. You and Mike are doing a great job of documenting Clay's first year. Hats off to you two. It's hard work and you make the time. The rest of us just get to reap the reward! We love you. Nana & Papa

Rebecca said...

it looks like you had a blessed holiday. it's soo cool to see how much he's changed in the past month.

Jennifer T. said...

Hey Brittany! I'm so glad you commented on my blog! Of course, I've seen you at church, but I didn't know if you remembered me or not. I'm glad you do! Your baby boy is precious!

anita/nana said...

Clay's Papa was out of town this week and feeling stressed from the day, working out emails in the hotel room that evening. He thought about this site and clicked over to see pictures of Clay. He said that he started smiling and thinking of baby Clay and he felt better immediately. Thanks for all the cute pictures and stories. They really help Papa (and Nana)stay connected. Hugs!