Thursday, February 7, 2008

Title Change

You may have noticed the new name for my blog. I had the hardest time coming up with a name to start with (The Secrets of the Sklosses) and I was never really happy with it. So, after lots of thinking about it and driving Mike nuts running possibilities past him, I have made a decision. Just What I've Always Wanted. I think it suits me just fine. This blog is the story of my life (or at least the edited version) and it's being recorded for me to look back on- Just What I've Always Wanted. Mike and I have worked and prayed so hard and I finally feel like it's happening -Just What I've Always Wanted. Of course, when you say it out loud it might have a sarcastic tone to it- so do I most of the time. So there it is. My new blog title.

1 comment:

Raena said...

I think its perfect! Good job! If you still want a blog header just let me know.