Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I know, I know. It's been forever. Sorry. So much has been going on here at the Skloss house!
Since my last post I have become an official stay-at- home mom. Our little family is thrilled and we feel incredibly blessed that we were able to make this decision. I have a great sense of peace knowing that I will be able to be at home with Clay and enjoy every little minute with him.
Ever since Mike and I have been married, we have worked opposite schedules. This means that with the exception of my vacations from work or holidays when we traveled, we NEVER had a day off together.
Mike has been playing Mr. Mom since he is off MTW and every other Thursday and I took Clay with me to work on the opposite Thursdays and every Friday. Not many dads have the opportunity to spend 3-4 full days a week with their baby so I am so proud of all of the time he invests in Clay and the close bond that they have. It's priceless. Now that I'm home, though, we all get to spend time together. So exciting!
Clay is growing so much! He turned 10 months old on the 9th. His latest stats from his last check-up (3/10) are 28 inches long and 19 lbs. 9 oz. He's right in the 50th percentile. He has two teeth, he crawls and tries SO HARD to walk. Here's a few pictures of his latest stages:

Teething on the coffee table
Trying so hard to pull himself up

And failing...
He has been trying all kinds of new foods- and loving them! He is a great eater. He is always willing to eat his fruits and veggies first but he ALWAYS wants to try what Mike and I are having. Some of his great finds are:

Sprinkled donuts
Cream Cheese Crescents

Having a meal with Clay is always an adventure.

First, we get all pumped up about eating:
Then, we inspect our food:

The eating part is the best- those new teeth help out a lot!

He loves to pull things out of his mouth as hard as he can.
Another of his skills is drinking from a straw. He's so proud.
Except when he misses...
He loves to eat!
And just when we think he's done- he starts looking for more.

On the tray...
In his bib...

When he realizes there is no more, he throws a nice little fit.
Threatens to get physical...
And finally admits defeat.

Even though I was absolutely convinced that Clay would be a late walker because he's so laid back about trying new things, he loves to try to walk. (This mommy is wrong a lot.) He pulls himself up on everything and takes daily walks with his lion.
Crazy driver
"Mommy, I'm tired of this."
Crawling to Mommy.
Reaching Mommy. Success!

So many things are happening here! Since it takes me so long to upload the pictures and update it all, (I'm not the technically savvy type at all) I will update a little over the next couple of days. I have tons of pictures from the last couple of months. Keep checking back for more updates and more pictures! Thanks for stopping by!

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Nana and Papa said...

Love all the new pics and the new blog site! Wow! Clay is getting so big and doing so many new things. We can hardly wait to see him again. You and Mike keep up the good work. You two are great parents! We love you!