Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can you hear me now??

My OB requested that I stop nursing Clay when he found out I was pregnant again. Since Clay was only ten months (and I wanted to nurse until he was 18 months), we negotiated to stop at a year (though my fingers were crossed and I really planned on nursing until 15 months). I totally trust my OB but I still didn't understand why he wanted me to quit nursing just because I was pregnant.

Well we were getting into the elevator at the hospital for my latest OB appointment and I happen to notice that the other lady in the elevator works for the hospital and has "LACTATION" (in HUGE letters) as the department on her badge. This is the same hospital where I had Clay and they were SO helpful when I had him so I thought she might have an answer for me.

So since we're all in the same elevator, I say to her, "I see you work for the lactation department so I just wanted to ask you a quick question. Do you have to stop nursing when you're pregnant?"

The elevator stops, she gives me the dirtiest, "drop dead lady" look and says, "My badge just SAYS lactation. I work in the HEARING department!" And she stormed off. Very angrily.

I didn't even know what to say. I guess I should have been totally embarrassed but I just thought it was totally funny. She was SO offended!

Note to self for Carolina's hospital stay: don't get prepared to have a nursing lesson (i.e. strip down) just because someone comes in from the "LACTATION" department. She might just want to check your hearing...


Raena said...

Number 1: Oh my gosh how rude!

Number 2: NO! NO! NO! You do not have to stop nursing because you are pregnant! I nursed Camden more than half of my pregnancy with Halle and only stopped because he wanted to. Plus I didn't want to nurse 2 babies at once ("tandem" nursing.)

Take a look at www.mothering.com/discussions and go to the breastfeeding forum. You will find lots of factual and practical info. Be sure to up your calorie intake and drink lots of fluids.

Let me know if you have any questions. Hugs to you all!

Raena said...

OK...I couldn't help myself...here is some info. Honestly, I would just tell the doc you aren't nursing anymore...I know it is dishonest but it is for Clay's benefit.



The first i a mothering thread where you can read that 100's of mommies nurse through the end of pregnancy.

The second is some factual stuff.

I guess you just have to keep in mind that doctors don't learn much about breastfeeding in medical school, besides that we have the capability to make milk through glands, ect, ect. If you are worried contact your local LLL - they may even send your doctor an info packet anonymously. They will have PLENTY of info for you.

OK...I'm done researching for now...sorry for babbling.


Rebecca said...

That lady must get asked questions about nursing all the time!!!