Sunday, June 8, 2008

I should have stayed home...

Keep in mind that I am 16 weeks along and at 18 weeks with Clay our families spent days with us and didn't even catch on that I was pregnant.

Quote from the Janie and Jack lady: "Haven't you had that baby yet? I thought you were getting close the last time you were in!"
Conversation with Macy's checkout lady trying to sell me a silk nightie with a matching thong:

Me: You know I'm really looking for stuff I can wear in the hospital after I have the baby so that probably won't work. (Rebecca's making comments in the background about how I'm going to give the doctor a real show in that outfit)

Macy's lady: Well, maybe you could wear it after you have the baby.

Me: Um, the baby's not coming for another 5 months so I'll probably just wait.

Macy's lady: Five months! There's no way!
Macy's lady (now ignoring the fact that I'm standing RIGHT THERE and talking to Rebecca very dramatically): She's HUGE! I don't believe she's still got that long to go!

Wow. I sure hope these people don't work on commission. Thanks for the self esteem boost ladies. Glad I came out in public today...


Raena said...

People say the most STUPID things to pregnant ladies!

Rebecca said...

I totally agree with you raena. The lady just didn't know when to stop. I think that she had a screw loose or something!!!

ABL said...
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ABL said...

When I was pregnant, I thought about wearing a sign that said "Kind words please, may bite". Seriously, why do people not think before speaking.

I just noticed, when reading back through old posts on my own blog that you commented on my post about sweet baby boy clothes. I've enjoyed reading about your little boy tonight (and coming baby girl- congrats)!

I don't know if you already found custom bedding for your baby girl, but I had one suggestion. We have lots of women in our extended family that sew. Instead of getting other gifts from them, they just each made one piece of my son's bedding. One made a pillow, one made the bumper pad, one made the bedskirt, curtains, crib quilt etc. It was a really fun shower when it all came together and it was not very difficult for anyone to do one piece. Plus now it is oh so special that each piece was made by a member of his family.

Sorry for such a long comment!

The Penny Lane Blog said...

Thanks for the comment on the newest blog design! Looks like you will need a new one pretty soon. Congrats. :) You just let me know when you are ready!

AutumnJade said...

I will try the gender test! How fun, where do I get it?

Oh and for bedding, there is this ADORABLE shop on Main St. in Boerne called Milk and Honey, if you make into the SA area soon you should check it out. The owner makes all her stuff.

Jennifer said...

Some people just need to keep their mouths shut!!!