Wednesday, August 6, 2008

They're Like a Box of Chocolates....

Today we got a package from Pottery Barn Kids. Now, this may not seem very entertaining to anyone else but at my house it's always a fun event. You see, there's always a surprise. I have ordered three times from them and all three orders have something I didn't order (and are missing something I did order).

My first order was for some overalls for newborn Clay. We received a flowered dress size 12-18 months. He looks great in it. Next, I ordered a monogrammed Christmas tree skirt. We received a pink canvas storage bucket monogrammed "Bug". Cute.

Surprise # 1: A dress for my son
Surprise #2: A pink storage container for my non-existent child "Bug"

This time I ordered a Navy Gingham Jumper for Carolina and Navy Gingham Shortalls for Clay. This took me FOREVER to order because I had to get the right sizes for next summer and have matching colors AND pick both of those out of their remaining sale sizes and colors. I got it right and placed my order.

When I opened my package today, I found a Navy Gingham Jumper and DARK Gingham Navy Shortalls. Dark Navy is really dark (like almost black). Navy is not so dark (like royal blue). Not.what.I.ordered. Again.

Surprise #3: Matching outfits that don't match

So I called Pottery Barn Kids, explained the deal and they're sending me a Dark Navy Jumper. Still not what I ordered but at this point at least the kids will match. And the icing on the cake- they're scheduling a pick-up for the Navy Gingham Jumper. I don't even get to keep it for my troubles. Boo.


Rebecca said...

That's so crazy how PBK can't seem to get it right!!

Raena said...

You should demand a gift card for your troubles!