Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

We have a wedding coming up so I go into Ann Taylor Loft (always a favorite and some stores even carry maternity) and here's how it went:

Me: "I'm looking for a dress. Do you carry Maternity in this store?"

She looks at my Carolina belly.

Her: "Why do you want to buy a dress when you barely have any time left?"

And that's when I gave it to her- the "Saleslady of the Year Award". Way to go. Lose a sale and make me feel humongous. All in one shot.

And yes, I did proceed to tell her I had over three months left and yes, she did turn red. Bright red.

And that is the story of the last time I ask for any more help while I am pregnant and shopping for clothes. No more dumb sales ladies.

Update: I just have to clarify that I didn't really give her the "Saleslady of the Year" Award- though I would have loved to! I've learned that saying politely that I still have a LONG time left is usually embarrassing enough to where hopefully they won't say something so thoughtless to any more sensitive pregnant women!


Jennifer said...

Thank you! It seems like every other baby I know does it fine. We got in trouble at her 2 month checkup because her head was misshapen. I felt horrible! I have done every exercise, every carry hold like they told us to do and nothing has worked. The back of her head is still misshapen. We go for her 4 month check up this month. If they tell me she needs a PT helmet I will die. Pray my baby's head re-forms itself!

Jennifer said...

PS - good for you for letting that lady have it. Why are people SO STUPID with pregnant women? Idiots.

Rebecca said...

Let me just say that you don't look like you are due any day now...she's just dumb and doesn't know anything about being in retail clothing sales. Go you for sticking up for yourself!! Wish I had been there to see the look on her face.:)

Raena said...

I wan to see picures of this supposedly HUGE belly!

She probably has never been pregnant and HAS NO CLUE what 9 months looks like! Crazy lady!

When I was 6 months with Halle this check out girl at La Madeline asked if I was having twins when I told her how far along I was. (rolling my eyes as I write this)

Me and My Boys said...

Thanks for your comment! Jennifer pulled my leg anough for me to start blogging. We'll see how long I last! I do love stalking other people's blogs though-so fun to keep up. How are you feeling btw? When are you due??

AutumnJade said...

So when will you blog again? I need to read! I hope all is well for you. I blogged about the new babies gender.