Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free Snacks at My House

My day:

1) Started my day with pulling a storage drawer out of my closet to try and store under the computer desk for Clay's school stuff. It didn't fit. Way too tall.

2) Kept Carolina's screaming at tolerable levels so that the neighbors wouldn't call the police. She's teething, has a runny nose, frustrated that she can't crawl and keeps falling on her face and hasn't taken a decent nap in days.

3) Listened to a full day of Clay saying, "Daddy be home in a minute." "I go to the car. Fweese? (please)" "Daddy's in peace car" "Daddy bring me a taco". The child has serious cabin fever and missing Daddy issues today.

4) Got everyone showered, dressed (Carolina twice), bags ready and everyone excited to leave the house- only to call Mike and find out his lunch was an hour late today.

5) Spent way too long try to pin Carolina down and try to use the fabulous blue nose bulb on her to try and give her some relief. We're neither one fans of the blue bulb. And neither are the neighbors.

6) Gave up on Carolina's nap and tried multiple baby entertainment techniques to keep her calm and happy. None of them worked.

7) Got Clay up from his nap and put Carolina back down for another try. It worked.

8) Ate pretzels and read stories with Clay and enjoyed being with him (and Carolina being calm). This day had turned itself around. Finally!

9) Cringed as I heard Clay create a Pretzel Cabinet with the storage drawers that didn't fit under the computer and knew my feet wouldn't move fast enough to save the day. I've always wanted a Pretzel Cabinet. Not.

10) Started the countdown for when Mike gets home. At least then Clay and I will have someone to share our pretzels with...

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Me and My Boys said...

Oh man! I feel 'ya! We lovingly refer to the blue bulb as the "snot sucker" and it is a force to be reckoned with. Not fun. Hope your day is better today!