Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a happy Thanksgiving at our house today filled with food, fun and projects. Mike had to work so it was just the kids and I at home doing turkey stuff. Mike had done some of the cooking ahead (hallelujah!) and that left a few dishes for Clay and I to work on.

Clay was my big helper for making a pumpkin pie and dressing (he left me on my own for the rest). A couple of weeks ago we made a "pumpkin pie" with "whipped cream" and pumpkin spices on top. Clay was so impressed when the real pumpkin pie smelled just like his project. So cute.

We've been working on Thanksgiving projects for the last couple of weeks and today we wrapped it all up with our Indian headdresses and "I Am Thankful for..." books. It was Carolina's first time with a paintbrush when she painted her headdress feathers (and she was NOT happy when I took it away).

The book covers came out so cute with the kids' handprints for turkeys. Clay is thankful for police cars, playgrounds and drawing & scissors. Carolina is thankful for her favorite songs, being able to walk a couple of steps and her lovies (her kitty, Clay's monkey and her doll).

All in all it was a quiet (or as quiet as it gets in this house...) Thanksgiving but we feel blessed to have spent it with our sweet little family.

So... as Clay told Lilly (our cat) tonight--"Happy Thanksgiving!"


Anita/Nana said...

What a fun learning time and great projects! The last picture is too sweet for words. I would like an 11 x 13. Thanks.

Me and My Boys said...

What a sweet project! I love the books. I need to be more crafty with the boys.
Glad y'all had a happy turkey-day!

Rebecca said...

I love your project ideas for Thanksgiving! The last pic is too cute!

Jenn said...

That girl still has the bow even in a head dress! LOve it!