Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Out and About

We went to a program on Monday which Clay really loved. It's made Mike and I consider some kind of class for him a lot more seriously. He was very hesitant at first and then all of a sudden...I have never seen him get so excited about a song or dancing with the other kids.

We took some pics (which came out awful b/c I used our old camera so I won't post them) and some video. Every time I watch the video, I crack up because Clay is obviously the kid most into it. All the other kids are just standing around and he's jumping up and down like it's his own private concert. So cute.

Today's adventure was to a children's museum. They had a story/craft time and I love that kind of thing. Since we don't have Clay in any kind of preschool program, I'm trying to take him more places where he can practice following directions, sitting still and listening to a story or singing songs with other kids.

After the craft/storytime, we played in the rest of the museum. The kids had such a great time. I love how the pictures capture Carolina's constant happiness and I REALLY love the new trick I figured out with Clay. If I say, "show me your teeth", he does (along with his great smile). I love it! So here are some pics from today:

Lots of pictures, lots of smiles! We're so blessed to have happy children.


Jenn said...

Man it would be nice if Carolina would smile a little more. You can never tell if she is happy or not! *wink* So cute

Rebecca said...

I love how serious he is at painting...a class would be soo fun for him! Oh and those! they are both very happy kids.:)

Me and My Boys said...

Your kids have two of the cutest, sweetest, most genuine smiles I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...
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