Monday, January 11, 2010

Come See Santa....

Mike and I were going about our business this morning trying to get some housework done when we saw Clay pass us with the toilet paper from the cleaning closet. Odd.

A few minutes later we could hear him calling so sweetly from his new perch, "Come see Sanna! Come seee Sanna!" (Apparently Santa gets demoted from the cool Santa throne after Christmas)

He would pat his legs and call for anyone who would listen, "Come see Sanna!" And then he spied the perfect Santa subject: Carolina (AKA: little girl who hates Santa). He called her and called her with his sweet words ("Come see me, Crina. I'm Sanna!") but Carolina was not having it.

So...desperate measures had to be taken by "Santa".

Finally (with a little help from Daddy) everyone got situated. Clay told her, "What do you want, Crina?") It was absolutely adorable to hear him use his best Santa voice.

But just like with the real Santa, Carolina was not a Santa fan. And when Carolina is done, she is really done.

Apparently, Santa was done, too.

Ho. Ho. Ho.


Me and My Boys said... :)

Anita/Nana said...

I love your blog, and not just because it's my grandchildren. You have such a way of telling a story Brittany. You are hilarious! Of course, it helps to have adorable children to write about and take great pictures of for us all. Thank you!