Monday, January 25, 2010

The Late Date

Tonight we took the kids to Burger King to try and burn some energy. Clay played with the big kids (who were all much older) and seemed to have fun. We got home and Mike and I were sure that we had exhausted him when it was time for bed. Right...

Needless to say, a couple of minutes after we put him down he starts screaming that he needs to go on the potty. Mike and I talk about it quickly and Mike takes him. It was legit.

A couple of minutes later he needs to potty again. This time I took him and no dice. Sneaky boy. The night wore on with lots of calls for things like he needed a blanket (he has a huge one), he needed to ask Daddy a question, he needed this and that....

Clay has always done well with bedtime and we are not about to start now with the getting up every five minutes. The hard part, though, is the potty training. We're asking ourselves should we let him go every time he wants to or are we just suckers??

So the last time he starts calling out (doesn't he know Mommy is trying to bake and watch the Bachelor??), I just ignore it. He'd already exhausted his two bathroom passes.

As I get up to check on my fudge baking, I hear him again and go to his room. Let me tell you, the smell almost knocked me over when I opened the door. So much for ignoring that last bathroom call...I paid the price.

I got him all changed and clean and went back to what I was doing. Eventually after taking it out and putting it back in no less than six times, my fudge was done. My only problem now was that there was no one to share it with. Yes, it was 10:30 and Mike was out. We party hard around here.

I thought about it and checked on my other date. Yep, still awake and calling for orange juice. You should have seen his face when I put my arms out to pick him up and carry him out. Pure confusion. I sat him on the couch and went and got him some fudge and ice cream. Who better to share it with than my boy??

We ate our treat together and talked about our day. A little ways into the conversation he says, "That kid told me to go away." I asked him if it was the kid from the play place tonight and he told me yes. He didn't seem like he quite knew what to feel about it but I think it hurt his feelings a little bit. It sure hurt mine.

When he was finishing up I told him that if he went to bed and slept well that we could do something fun tomorrow. "That would be perfect!" he told me. So so sweet.

This is our second late date. It's rare to get quiet time with him anymore when he's not running all over or he's not sharing my lap with Carolina. And it just so happens I like to bake and I love to have someone to share it with.

I have to say, I'm looking forward to many late dates with my little guy. It's fun to have special time with him and makes him feel special, too. What a sweet treat to end the night.


Me and My Boys said...

This is the sweetest story! I love that you let him get up to come and share with you. :)

Potty training is a mess, isn't it!? Tyson still uses the "I need to go potty" pass when he doesn't want to nap or hours after we think he's asleep. And I totally agree with the dilemma-do they really need to go or have they figured out how to play the game?

Texas Schaacks said...

Brittany-that was the sweetest thing I have heard in a long time. What a sweet mom you are! It's these moments that we are going to miss when they grow up --way to record this one.

Anita/Nana said...

Thanks for letting us share in this "sweet" moment.

Raena said...

love it! so so sweet! camden an i have a late date about 1x a month...and if its been awhile he even asks, "mama, can we do sumthin' just me an you?" i treasure those times!

Jamie Skloss said...

so lovely.