Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Mommy Date to Diggle, Diggle Quack

For Easter, I got a book from Mike's parents called "Let's Go on a Mommy Date". It's a sweet, sweet book about a mom and her son and daughter and the things she would like to take them to do. Clay loves it and wants to read it all the time (I don't even really read it anymore because he has it memorized and says it all). Ever since Carolina was born, Clay and I have done some special things together but now we call them our Mommy Dates (or Mommy Dapes if you're three).

So on our last Mommy Date, Clay and I got to go to the cutest little play at the Dallas Children's Theater called "Giggle, Giggle Quack" (once again, Diggle, Diggle Quack if you're three). It was the story of a farmer who goes on vacation and his city brother comes to watch the farm. The animals change all the farmer's notes for his brother so that they can have all kinds of adventures (like having pizza for dinner and playing all day instead of doing their farm work).

We got there pretty early and had to wait in line but Clay was so good about playing with his tractors while we waited.

I was afraid that our seats wouldn't be any good but we were on the third row so it was perfect for Clay to focus on the stage.

He wouldn't even let me hold the playbill because he was "reading" it.

As we sat in our seats waiting for the play to start, we talked about all of the props on the stage. He cracked me up when he pointed to the stage lights above the set and said, "Mama do you see the planets up there?" Ha!

Once the play started he was really interested in it. He certainly hadn't seen anything like it before. The play was really cute and entertaining and he got a huge kick out of the animals singing and dancing. About 30 minutes in he started talking about home and getting a little fidgety. I hadn't mentioned snacks at intermission yet because I knew that would be his focus so I told him to just be still and wait.

When intermission came we were the first in line. My guy was ready for a treat! He chose peanuts and apple juice and could not have been happier. I guess he just needed a little break because he kept asking when we could go back in to watch the play again.

After the play was over, they had the cast in the lobby for pictures. Clay was a little nervous but he still let me take his picture with the duck. I'm glad he did because he'll always have it as a memory from his first play.

The play was so cute and we had the best time. Taking my children to plays is one of the things I was really looking forward to as a mom. This Mommy Date definitely did not disappoint! I'm looking forward to many more theater dates to come!

(Carolina got to have her own party while we were at our Mommy Date. She hung out with Aunt Rebecca, her parents and her aunt. From what I hear, she had a pretty good time herself!)

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Anita/Nana said...

It's nice that you can have one on one time with each of the kids from time to time. From what I heard Carolina was the center of attention at Aunt Rebecca's. No surprise there.