Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Red in the Face

One night as we were driving home from running errands we saw one of Mike's officer friends. He was on a call near our house so Mike pulled over to say hi and see what was going on. This was a guy the kids and I hadn't met yet so as they finished talking the guy said something to Mike about his family being in the car. The guy came over to the car, shook my hand and talked to the kids in the backseat for a minute. No big deal.

We drove home (maybe 30 seconds) and I opened Carolina's door to get her out and wow. Really? Apparently when we were out running errands our sneaky girl had gotten hold of a piece of chocolate and given herself a chocolate facial. And since her seat is directly behind mine, I didn't notice a thing (nor did Mike).

What are the odds that this guy about the fact that she looked like she had war paint on?? I still can't believe he didn't even crack a smile even though he talked to her for several minutes. I just have to wonder what the guy was thinking about Mike's kid. Thanks for making a good first impression, Carolina. We owe you one.

(This little memento was taken when we got back home)


Jenn said...

I Think Carolina was trying to save you and Mike a little money by exfloiating her skin herself in the car! That is soo funny, even covered in chocalte she has the sweetest little face.. (literally!)

Rebecca said...

lol that's too funny!! she is one sneaky girl! i better keep the chocolate out of her reach at my house.

Jamie Skloss said...

Brittany, does this friend on the force with Mike have kids, too? LOL That girl! She's an adorable mess! My skin has never been softer than my ranch dressing and katsup moisturising treatment at Saltgrass! Miss you guys.

Anita/Nana said...

Carolina looks adorable. I'm guessing the next time you stop to talk to someone, you'll glance in that backseat, just in case! Too funny!

Anita/Nana said...

Brittany, I have to tell you that you have spoiled me to seeing Carolina in a bow, no matter what. In church today I saw the cutest baby girl and almost asked the mom where her bow was, but I caught myself just in time. I think I like that CB is a bow girl. It really makes the difference...even covered in chocolate.