Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is she crazy??

I just wanted to share a post with you so everyone can rest assured that I'm not crazy- just really pregnant and hoping I'm right. I keep sharing (okay, complaining) about how ready I am to be done being pregnant and how we are so anxious for our doctor to move our date. I guess the part I hadn't shared because I wasn't sure what was TMI was the reasoning behind our push for a "due date move".

From my first ultrasound with the doctor they kept asking what my LMP (last menstrual period) was. When I would tell them the date (1.30.08) the due date we all got was 11.05.08. Easy enough. Then they did an ultrasound where they had a hard time measuring and they changed the date to 11.19.08 based on what they had seen. The new date was two weeks later.

Each time we went over my LMP at different ultrasounds, they would tell me I must be wrong. We were TRYING to get pregnant, I KNOW when it was! Since I had been nursing Clay when I got pregnant and had only had two cycles between the pregnancies, I went against my instinct and went along with the new date. After all, they must know what they're talking about right?

The next ultrasound (with a perinatologist) and the ten or so that have followed have all shown Carolina growing at 2-3 weeks ahead. Wow, big surprise. The specialist has asked us several times if our due date is right but our doctor bases it all on that first ultrasound (where they had trouble measuring anyway).

So, all that to say--- it's not that I just want my baby out early or that I don't believe what the doctors are saying. I know doctors have a degree for a reason BUT there have been a lot of inconsistencies and something tells me this time the dates might be off (even though I know there's always a 2 week window). I promise, if I thought I really had six weeks to go I would never be saying I was ready for her to come out. Even in my crazy lady state, I know that's too early. I don't want her to have to go to the NICU or come any earlier than she's ready and healthy. It's just that at this point I don't want to be uncomfortable an extra two weeks just because they had some trouble measuring at that first ultrasound and nothing before or since then has backed up that date. And yes, I am almost finished with my whining.

To add to our confusion about a time line, right before we went into the hospital the doctor talked about taking her at the end of October (36-37 weeks?) because of her size and the polyhydramnios. Then when I had my hospital stay a couple of days later he talked about taking her at 34 weeks to avoid any infections with the leaking I was having or going to 35 weeks to try and avoid a NICU stay (Mike and I didn't like this idea of 34-35 weeks). And we all know that when it gets to the end of the pregnancy, a woman will listen to anyone short of a fortune teller to try and get some idea of when the baby will come (or maybe that's just me!) so Mike and I were beginning to feel like we might have an idea of a due date based on what the doctor was saying.

On top of what the doctor was saying, all of the literature I'm reading on polyhydramnios says that it's common for babies to come early because the mama's bodies can't handle all of the large babies and the fluid. But what does early mean considering we're not sure what her real due date is anyway? So- lots of dates thrown out there and now our doctor wants to take it week by week. All of his dates put together with ours is super confusing!

I must say though that we love our doctor and we know he only wants the best outcome for us so we are totally trusting his judgment for a healthy Carolina.

Hopefully that gives you a better idea of why I'm feeling ready (and by ready I mean her in a couple of weeks, not now). It's a lot of info I know but I wanted to make sure no one thought I would really want a preemie or a baby who wasn't done cooking just because I'm uncomfortable (no one's implied it but just to be on the safe side!). And I also know that babies come on their own schedule and they in no way base that schedule on their mother's comfort level. But if I could talk her into it.....

So thank you for all of your words of advice, encouragement and prayers. I really do appreciate them and I hope you still don't think I've taken a step off the deep end. Soon enough all my logic will come back and I will return to my normal, rational state. Promise.


Raena said...

Oh! Well, I ALWAYS tell my clients that they were actually present when the baby was made so they would be more accurate on due dates than the calculator/ultrasound. Especially considering I had 2 6lb 7 oz babies both at 41ish weeks. And one of my clients had 2 10lb babies at 38 weeks. Everone is different! The truth is, if you are right about the due date, she will come when she is ready. And then your doc will just have to meet you at the hospital for a quick csection. Don't worry! No one thought you were crazy. :) We've all been in that part of pregnancy where you wish your belly was attached with velcro for easy removal...that way you could actually be comfortable. Hehe!

Jennifer said...

Go with your gut. To hell with the numbers, especially since you are right in that polyhydramnios tends to end in "early" delivery since there is so much room in there for the baby to get huge and move around. My due date was May 1st by my LMP, May 7th after they adjusted it and then I got OLIGOhydramnios and had to be induced on April 18th. Go figure. I kept telling everyone for weeks that I just had a feeling she was going to come early. I didn't imagine under those stressful circumstances but I just had a feeling. You know your body and your baby better than anyone!

Rebecca said...

I know I don't know how you feel but I know you will get through this. And you are not crazy, just anxious to see Carolina.:)