Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Whew! It's been a busy week already (Shh!- nobody tell the doctor!). I have all of these lists (surprising, I know) of things to do before Carolina comes. Some of them are silly (haircuts, nails, etc.) and others are necessities (pack hospital bag, pick up her crib). We've been in full swing the last couple of weeks trying to get it all done. The best part for Mike is that I only have enough energy for one store and then I'm totally exhausted and ready to go home and rest. I have never felt so much like an old lady in my life!

First on this week's agenda was our doctor's appointment. As opposed to other appointments when I say I feel okay and give any kind of major symptoms I've been having, this week I was all about full disclosure. I'm miserable- my back hurts, my abdomen hurts, my legs keep going numb, there's so much pressure in my pelvis it feels like trying to walk with a bowling ball between my legs, I'm still leaking... Anything else you want to know, doctor???

Well, it didn't make any kind of difference that I was honest but we did get to see our girl again on the ultrasound. She's so sweet with her little hands by her face (in EVERY ultrasound) and her mouth moving. Her current weight is 7 lbs. 4 oz. which is not too terribly big for almost 35 weeks. She seems to be slowing down on growth and staying at just over 2 weeks ahead now (way better than 3 weeks!)

More good news is that my water level went down. I wish I could say that I feel a difference but no, I really don't. For her sake, though, they say the lower fluid levels are better so we'll take it.

Yesterday we went to the Arboretum to have Clay's picture made. I had it done there last Fall and then in the Spring so I wanted to keep up the tradition.

Even though I like to have things "just so" I've had to give up a lot of that perfectionism since being humongous and having a baby already here and toddling around. Mike and I agreed to take our camera, try and get a few pictures and have the professional photographer do the rest. Good plan. We chased that baby all over the place trying to get one decent shot and we were SO tired and sweaty by the time we left.

We had lunch in their restaurant and I was telling Mike how ironic it was that we were at this supposedly relaxing place, having lunch in a cute little cafe and we were STRESSED OUT. They had no high chairs so we were fighting to keep Clay seated and the service was soooo slow. It was kind of crazy but one of those things that when you look back on the pictures, you're so glad you did it. Welcome to Parenthood.

I think the best part of our visit to the Arboretum, though, had to be the photographer. It's one guy who has a high-end studio in Uptown Dallas that we would otherwise not even be able to afford the sitting fee for but he runs specials at the Arboretum each Fall and Spring.

He takes really great pictures and is very nice but yesterday I think he took some goofy pills or something. We watched him shoot a couple of families before us and then it was our turn. When we finished Mike commented, "There's like 10 things you NEVER say to a woman and that guy just hit like 5 in a row!" Here's a few of the things we heard him say:

Photographer to lady with newborn twins: "So did you know you were having twins before they came out?"
Lady: "Uh, yes."
Photographer: "So are you nursing them?"
Lady: "Uh, yes."
Photographer: "So what do you do just put one on either side and let 'em eat?"
Lady: Silence.

Photographer to Mike and I after dealing with Clay throwing the pumpkin on the ground in almost every picture and refusing to smile: "So do you guys think you'll be able to handle two?"
Me in my head: I guess it's too late now if we can't!

Photographer to me as we're leaving: So when is your baby due?
Me: November 19th.
Photographer: Wow. So next time I see you you'll be skinny again!
Me in my head: Gee thanks.

He was totally cracking me up with this stuff because you could tell he had the best of intentions but everything was just coming out WAY wrong. Oh well, can't blame a guy for trying.

After the Arboretum I dropped the boys off at home and got my nails done. It had been a while since I had them done so it was really nice to be pampered for a little while. So relaxing! The good news is that by the end of the day I was so tired I went to bed at eight and slept better than I have in a long time (I only got up 5 times which is wonderful!).

Today's adventure was lunch at Rockfish and a trip to Janie and Jack. I was able to score some good deals on the children's summer clothes which made me happy. I have always shopped a year ahead so now is the perfect time to score a good deal for summer stuff. Even though it's kind of weird picking out white capris and 4th of July outfits in October, I have so much less stress trying to find good sales when the next season rolls around and the man who makes the money appreciates me looking out for the bottom line. So even though it wasn't on any of my official lists, I still got a good deal today!

So that's our week so far. Compared to our weeks six months ago I think it would be pretty lame but we're doing what we can! We're going to keep crossing things off the lists and hopefully we'll be done when we meet Carolina. Wish us luck!

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