Tuesday, October 7, 2008

34 Weeks and Counting

We went for a check up yesterday for Carolina. We had our fingers crossed that with the hospital visit and the fact that she has been measuring so big AND the polyhydramnios that maybe, just maybe our doctor would revise our due date. No luck. He said he'll see us for weekly visits until she comes. Mike pressed him for some kind of time line and he just said we'll have to take it week by week and wait and see. So so disappointing.

I'm still not sleeping and didn't even sleep when they gave me Ambien in the hospital so I've kind of given up on it. Not that I can even be productive in my "not sleeping" time because I'm too tired but oh well.

I feel like I'm getting to the very end of this pregnancy in so many ways I never felt with Clay. My back hurts, my abdomen hurts (but only sporadically), my legs keep going numb on me and all the other fun parts of being really pregnant. I'm so glad that nothing hurts all the time and that at least Carolina and I are both healthy but I'm so ready to be comfortable again.

He told me to be on bed rest after I left the hospital so I am doing my best. Mike's mom came to help over the weekend and Clay loved having her here to play with. We kept it calm and I didn't get up and around (too much).

The doctor reminded me again this visit to take it easy and not do a whole lot. Do you think they know when they're telling you this that you just want the baby OUT? I'm giving bed rest my best shot but in the back of my mind I just want to run a marathon and see if I can spur on some labor here! I have to know it's all in the name of a healthy baby (and I'll do whatever it takes for that).

Her growth is slowing down a little. She's now measuring only 2 weeks ahead at 6 lbs. 10 oz. I was glad to hear she's slowing down- it gives her just a little more room in my belly.

I know every mama feels the disappointment when they get to those last appointments with the doctor only to be told "nothing's progressing, see you next week". At least I'm in good company. So that's our visit from this week. Hopefully, next week there will be something fun to report- like a new birthday date!

Stay tuned...


Jennifer said...

Aww, I can imagine what you're feeling! So glad you and Ms. Fatty are healthy though! I hate to support your burst bubble but your hopes of a revised due date are pipe dreams. The most accurate measurement of the baby (which correlates to gestational age) is the very early/first sonogram. After that growth rates vary, as you well know, but the size of the baby doesn't change it's due date. I'm sure they've told you all of this, or I would hope, but the initial due date is technically +/- 2 weeks. So even though your "official" due date is 6 weeks off, you should hold onto the hope that you are maybe only 4 weeks off. And maybe only 3 is she gets her butt in gear and realizes that 37 weeks is full term and no one has a problem with her coming after that!

Raena said...

I know the end of pregnancy sucks! But Carolina isn't coming out because she is not ready yet. She still has several milestones to meet before she is ready to be outside the womb. And Jennifer is right, sonogram weight estimates are almost always wrong at this point. Don't worry, we are all praying for you! Hugs from SA!