Sunday, December 14, 2008

He's Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty or Nice...

*I didn't have a chance to post this on the day it was written but it now has photos of the evidence- even better!*

Dear Clay,

You're down for your morning nap and we're going to see Santa Claus today. I've been telling you about it and teaching you how Santa says, "Ho! ho! ho!". You say it when you see our Santa decorations and you're adorable. That being said, though,let's get down to business. It's only 10:30 and you've had a pretty eventful day. Here's a recap:

-You climbed into the dryer while I was unloading all of the laundry.
-I caught you standing on top of the shredder (which is turned off) and trying to reach a picture frame while I cleaned up your breakfast dishes.
-You colored on the wall, the dining room chair and the hardwoods with purple marker while I was feeding your sister.
-When I went to start your bath, I came back to a little boy sitting in the middle of the kitchen table with orange marker tiger stripes all over his face (and today is picture day!). So much for putting the markers up on the table to keep them away from you...

Listen, little man, this new climbing on EVERYTHING business is getting old. Yesterday when you got too quiet while I was feeding Carolina I found you in the bathroom sink with a Q-Tip in one hand and pumping soap with the other. And you've learned if you climb on top of the coffee table and onto the recliner and slide down that you end up behind the gate blocking the Christmas tree- with wonderful access to the shiny ornaments.

Now you know that your daddy and I have always been strict with you that the furniture is not a jungle gym but suddenly you think it's okay to climb to the back of the couch and lean against the wall.

Clay, I am nearly always in the same room with you watching you like a hawk (and taking pictures of your nonsense). And you also know that you were within my line of sight when you've been on most of your little adventures lately. You're a brave one, baby boy. Lately, you LOVE when I'm feeding the baby because it gives you just enough time to get into a mess. Don't you worry, though, I'm learning. I'm on to your tricks.

I just want you to know though that I know something you don't. I know how to talk in complete sentences. Yep, we're going to see Santa today and I can tell him what you've really been up to. You can tell him all you want to tell him but just remember- I'm your translator... Have you been naughty or nice???

I love you orange marker tiger face,


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Me and My Boys said...

Brittany, soooo funny!
1) Carolina is beautiful! She is just a doll. :)
2) Clay reminds me so much of Tucker. The kid climbs on EVERYTHING. No matter what I do to halt the action, he finds a way around it. Stinker.
3) Clay and Brittan could be twins. So cute!
4) You look wonderful!
Hope y'all have a fantastic New Year's!