Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Computer

Well, we are finally back from the holidays and what a wonderful holiday season we've had! Over Thanksgiving and Christmas we spent time with our families and enjoyed introducing Carolina to a lot of the special people in our lives.

We had such a great Christmas. It was definitely one of my favorites ever. One of the best parts of our Christmas was that Mike and I got a new computer. It's FABULOUS! Thank you Anita and Bobby! I haven't spent much time exploring it (I don't have much time these days...) but I love all of the parts I have seen.

Before our new computer came I had to take my camera's memory card to CVS, upload the pictures and an hour of work later I could bring the disk home and upload to my blog. Now you see why I didn't update with pictures more often! Now I can stick the memory card straight into the computer and voila! the pictures are there. I can even edit them - so exciting! So here's to a new year with lots more blog entries with pictures!

Lots of updates/catching up to come! Stay tuned...

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