Friday, June 19, 2009

Traveling Tales

We made another trip down to San Antonio- this time for one of Mike's cousin's wedding. We left on Saturday morning since Mike didn't get off work until late on Friday. As is becoming our tradition, we skipped the ceremony part of the wedding (this time because we didn't make it into town in time but normally it's our little noisemakers that keep us out of the church part).

We had a good time at the reception- Clay in particular. He had just about fallen asleep when we pulled into the parking lot and thus his "party trick" was lying down on the floor of the reception hall and rolling around (similar to a pig in mud). It's not my favorite thing he's ever done (especially in front of every member of Mike's extended family) but it was definitely memorable.

Nana trying to keep Clay seated for a while

Papa and Clay doing one of the many traditional dances they do at family weddings
Daddy/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance
On Sunday, we had lunch at one of my favorite San Antonio spots- Sea Island. My dad, his girlfriend and her children and my grandmother joined us. It was a short lunch but nice, nonetheless.

My dad, Tina and Carolina

While we were having lunch, Nana and Papa were out buying a new backyard toy- a swimming pool. Clay and Carolina got to sunbathe, swim and splash to their heart's content while we visited with Nana, Papa and Auntie Jamie.

Somebody (AKA "Hollywood") may have stolen their sister's glasses (and refused to give them back). Ahem.
Happy girl in the water
Carolina's first taste of Banana Pudding. It was a hit!

The kids had SO much fun playing in the pool. We got a huge kick out of watching Clay run around and splash. Carolina was enjoying just chilling in the water and taking it all in.

We also got to visit with Mike's brother's wife, Jamie. It is always nice to get to spend time with her and Clay always talks about her. We laugh because anytime Clay doesn't know who someone is he says it's "Jamie!". This would include an Indian with full headdress on the wall at Texas Roadhouse, an African American lady in a picture, an elderly lady at Luby's, and many, many more. Mike thinks it's hilarious to see if we can spot Jamie around town (we never ask Clay, he just shouts out "Jamie" at random people). Ironically, Clay knows exactly who Jamie is and always gets her name right when we show him pictures at home.

Mike's brother is on military leave and even though we miss him, we love having Jamie close to home.
Jamie is such a good aunt to the kids and Clay talks about her so much after every time we play with her (and someday soon Uncle Garrett, too!).

Clay and Auntie Jamie

Out trip was short but we were able to do a lot of visiting and have a lot of fun. The kids have been EXHAUSTED since we got back home so it must have been good for them, too!


Anita/Nana said...

Brittany, this may be your scrapbook of events to remember but it is ours, too. The best part is, you are doing all the work. I love it! Thank you for doing such a great job!

Me and My Boys said...

Aren't trips to San Antonio mind boggling? I never understand why it takes so much out of me, but it does. We just got a big/little pool for our yard too since it's been so dang hot. The boys have been sick so we haven't gotten in yet but I know we are going to spend MANY hours out there. Tyson saw the picture of Clay in Carolina's glasses and said, "Mommy he has glasses just like Tyson!" Note-Tyson has "Cars" glasses and Tucker has "Thomas the Train" glasses.

The Sklosses said...

I pride myself on being multi-cultural, so I am totally flattered by Clay. It was so awesome to spend some time with you guys!