Monday, June 8, 2009

While He Was "Sleeping"

I have so many Clay posts started and haven't finished a single one. Every time I sit down to work on one I get lost for words. This child is so precious and so mischievous. He makes me laugh and he makes me oh so frustrated. He tests me until I discipline him and when my heart is breaking from disciplining him, he crawls in my lap. He's my sweetheart.

I walked in his room just now to check on him since it is nap time. He has been in his room for about an hour and although it has been made very clear that he is not to play during nap time, he tests the rule out every day. Today has been a hard day for him since he hasn't been feeling well (he's giving Oscar the Grouch a run for his money) and I have still made him obey.

I heard him playing in his room but I pretended not to (moms reserve the right to do that, right?). So as I opened his door to check on him I just laughed. Here's what I saw:

I guess he thought he needed a "night cap" on along with a shoe and bottles of ketchup, pepper, salt and chocolate syrup to keep him company. See what I mean about being michievous and precious all rolled into one?


Me and My Boys said...

Since the boys are in seperate rooms now, playing during nap time is all the Tyson does. He's pretty quiet about it but it drives me nuts. The boys needs his sleep.

Stuart feels the same way as Mike. He thinks almost all blogs are fake. I kindly remind him that MINE isn't but he doesn't have a response for that. He thinks that "April's mom" is totally a man and just trying to get money. He also thinks that Matt Logelin is also lying and in fact has no wife or child. I went back and reread the last post because I didn't realize it was from "D." Kinda throws a new spins on things. I agree; why in the world would they/he be worried about anything right now besides the baby?

jennifer said...

Too funny!!

Me and My Boys said...

Alright, I think you might be right. I checked her blog (April Rose) last night before I went to bed and there was another post from "Rachel" saying she was so excited, yadda, yadda. Then this morning I checked and the site has been taken down. interesting. I checked that other website you gave me (Gibson Twins) and had an interesting read. I never actually saw a picture of April, did you?

Anita/Nana said...

You have to admit the boy has a good imagination! Why else would a baseball cap, shoe, catsup, salt & pepper and chocolate syrup be in his bed? Probably making some kind of interesting dish for Carolina.