Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Celebrations

We have been having some fun this month getting ready for the big day- Halloween! We have been to several pumpkin patches, painted and carved pumpkins, done our fair share of arts and crafts, made some Halloween decor for Clay's room and even played some Halloween-inspired games.

I love doing projects with Clay and we have focused this month on Halloween. Mike and I want to stick with fun, happy stuff (not scary) for Halloween activities so our projects were all smiling pumpkins, candy, happy spiders, etc. Clay and I have so much fun creating these toddler works of art (I tell him what to do but all of the actual work is Clay's) and he is SO proud to show everyone his work.

One of our favorite things this year was making "Jack". Jack is the pumpkin Clay and I carved and he sat on our bar for about a week. Clay talked about Jack a lot and he was very sad when Jack got yucky and had to go to the trash. Clay keeps saying, "Mama make another one 'morrow."

Clay loved watching me carve out the eyes and face for the pumpkin. I had seen some ideas about turning pumpkin carving into a lesson so we talked about how God made our eyes, nose and our bodies just like Mommy was making Jack's face. I know he'll have a much better understanding when he's older but it's a good start.

It's funny because Clay has NO idea what Halloween is. He talks about his costume sometimes but he doesn't even know what a costume is. I think he hears it them talking about sending in pictures of you in your costume on Sprout and sees all the Halloween ads so he thinks a costume is just something to do with Halloween.

Several times when we made projects and I would show him the finished product he would say, "It's my costume!". Today when he opened up one of his Halloween cards, he said it again. Bless his heart- he's going to be so excited to find out what a costume really is (and what you get when you wear it!). He's had his costume on several times but tonight will be the first time he's worn it for more than a couple of minutes-- we can't wait!

We are really blessed to have some aunts who always send them cards and treats for the holidays. Especially now that Clay is getting a little older, he gets so excited to open something (cards and presents). Auntie Jamie and Uncle Garrett sent sweet cards with glittery pictures on them. Clay loved rubbing his fingers over the letters and showing them to his baby sister.

Aunt Rebecca gave the kids a Mickey and Minnie card, some hilarious pumpkin glasses and some fun Halloween books.

We were all cracking up at the glasses. I was so surprised at how long Carolina kept hers on when she and Clay were playing. She finally took them off and kept trying to put them on top of her head. Monkey see, monkey do. Ha!

We are headed to a Halloween Carnival tonight so it should be tons of fun. Pictures of cute trick-or-treaters to come...


Anita/Nana said...

I know, I've said it before, but it's true...they are so adorable! Love the pumpkin glasses but especially the pic of them enjoying them together! Priceless!

Rebecca said...

The pumpkin glasses pic is too cute! Glad they liked their Halloween goodies!