Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We went to a local Halloween Festival on the lake tonight and the kids had so much fun! Clay caught on to the trick-or-treating thing in no time. We went around from booth to booth trick-or-treating and he was so polite. He would say "tricktreat" and then "thank you". He even said "thank you" loud enough for them to hear him. Yeah!

After the second booth Mike realized that we were walking the opposite direction of the trail so we turned to go the right way. Clay started saying, "I no want to go to the car!". He was so worried that we were already leaving. I guess he's a trick-or-treat fan!

They had some carnival style games that were right on his level and there were no lines for anything. He had a good time and loved getting the candy as a reward.

Carolina just sat in the stroller and ate a corn dog. She has been under the weather all week and was happy just to sit and eat. She got a little fussy toward the end and we knew our little zebra needed to stretch her legs a bit!

We had such a great time with our little zebra and penguin. It was a sweet time to celebrate and get to experience the fun of trick-or-treating for the first time as a family. I think Clay's ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Happy Halloween! Love, Carolina the Zebra and Clay the Penguin


Me and My Boys said...

Ok, the penguin is my favorite!

Rebecca said...

Their costumes turned out soo cute! Glad they had fun trick or treating!

Jennifer W. said...

Too cute!

Jenn said...

Ohh My goodness.. That s the cutest Zebra and Pegiun I have ever seen! I LOVE THEM!! LOVE THEM.. Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us! THey are truly a gift! Love Aunt Jen-Jen