Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter this year was a little crazy but we had fun. Here's what our little family did this year: We started the Easter season with egg hunts and Resurrection eggs. Clay loved the egg hunts (who doesn't?!) and Carolina had some fun, too. We did the Resurrection eggs each night before Clay went to bed and I thought it was a pretty good intro to Easter for his age. We did end up skipping several that we felt he wasn't ready for but it was a neat way to learn about the real meaning of Easter and a great hands-on activity for toddlers.
The night before Easter we dyed eggs and boy was that fun! For a little while I sat and tried to monitor the length of time each egg spent in the dye and carefully lifted each egg in and out of the water. Clay was SO eager to get his hands on the wire "egg supporter" and lift the eggs out himself. Finally, I gave in. We were leaving town the next day so it's not like we needed to preserve the eggs for anything and isn't dyeing eggs about having fun anyway??

Clay could have played with those eggs for days! He had the best time being big stuff and lifting them in and out of the water. He was thrilled to have a whole project that he could control and make all the decisions. Mike videotaped the whole thing and caught each of my sighs and gasps when Clay would drop an egg and break it in the glass. He couldn't have had a better time, though, and we both loved watching him do his thing.

The next morning was Easter and as usual Clay got up an hour before Carolina. These are the years when I am so glad he has no idea about racing out of his room in the morning to see what the Easter Bunny brought. He came and hung out with me in our bed watching cartoons until Carolina got up. Mike was able (and blessed) to be able to pop in for a minute as the kids were coming out to see all their Easter goodies.

Both kids were VERY excited to see the "bus". This is one of the things I bought on Black Friday but I knew it would be a great Easter gift so it's been sitting in our present box just waiting. Little did I know the number of tantrums I would have to endure in Toys R Us about leaving the bus at the store in the meantime. They looove the bus.
I also picked up the Mr. Potato Head pack on Black Friday (maybe it was worth the 4 hours...) and it was a surprise hit for Easter, too. Both kids like to play with it and we have already played with it a lot.

The other big hit of Easter was Pillow Pets. Clay has been asking for one since Christmas but we just hadn't bought him one. At Christmas when they were pushing the Pillow Pets so much on television Clay kept talking about "twenty dollars". It took us forever to figure out what "twenty dollars" meant because he said it ALL the time. Finally, I heard the commercial and him talking along with it about how Pillow Pets are just twenty dollars (they don't mention the $15 shipping for two, boo).

Anyhow, when I saw the commercials again I thought it would make a fun thing for Easter. I pulled up the website and asked Clay which one he wanted and he was adamant about the monkey. The funny thing was when I asked him which one would be good for Carolina. He picked the lamb and turned to her and said, "You can take it to your grandma's house!" Hmmm, maybe we need to cut back on the commercial watching around here. Needless to say, he was very happy to see his Pillow Pet!

Easter morning was such a fun little morning for us. We didn't get to go to church but Mike was able to come home for a great ham lunch. Our afternoon got a little crazier but we got a lot of preparations done since we were traveling the next day. It was a fun Easter!


Anita/Nana said...

Love that the pictures tell the story. My favorite is Ms Carolina with her shoes off posing for her picture. I love it! Mr Clay Morgan looks his adorable self. God is good.

Hampers said...

nice blog with nice picture of cutie enjoying the easter celebrations. All shots look awesome. Last two are my favourites.