Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giddy Up!

Step 1: Yell at your mama that you want to go potty.
Step 2: Go potty and be totally defiant when she tells you that you need to wash your hands.
Step 3: Realize that maybe she did mean business and wash those hands!
Step 4: Tell her you ARE going to wear underwear to bed tonight.
Step 5: Realize that she is the boss (and sheet changer) and you will NOT wear underwear tonight.
Step 6: Scream and cry that you want to wear your horse hat to bed.
Step 7: Be amazed at how big and bad and convincing you are since she actually is allowing you to wear the horse hat (or maybe she's just picking her battles...).
Step 8: Play, play, play to avoid falling asleep.
Step 9: Wake up to hear your parents hysterically laughing and taking pictures and realize you can't see a darn thing.
Step 10: Jump around wildly trying to figure out why you can't see anything until Daddy comes to your rescue.
Step 11: Wonder if maybe it wasn't such a good idea to fall asleep leaning against the bed wearing a horse hat. Oh well.


Jamie Skloss said...

So funny!

Rebecca said...

hehe such a funny and strong willed little guy Clay is.

jennifer said...

That is hilarious!!!