Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Day at the Museum

Last week, Clay and I spent the day at the Museum of Nature and Science. Clay's Aunt Rebecca came along and we had such a good time seeing all the little ones play but it was so much fun watching Clay discover everything that he can finally touch and crawl on. Here's a little look into his day:

Touching sand for the first time
You gotta take a little taste
His all too familiar, "I don't like this on my hands!"
Clay checking out all the other kids at the big block table
He wanted to inspect every block

Yes, EVERY block

The water table was his favorite part

At first, he was hesitant...
That feeling went away after the first splash!
Oops, Mom, maybe I shouldn't have gotten so wet that you have to change my clothes.

He loved the museum! The only thing we missed was Daddy (he's definitely coming next time). What a blessing it has been to get to watch this child grow and learn new things. Such a fun day!

Side note: Everywhere we go people comment on how much Clay looks like his daddy. I wish I did but I don't really see it much (and neither do Mike's parents). On a rare occasion though, I'll see a picture with one of those "Mike" expressions (I don't even think Mike knows he makes them). This last picture is one of them- totally daddy.
Here's another one:


Rebecca said...

Finn had such a good time with the kiddos! I can't believe that Clay is big enough to stand at the water table!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture with the sand on his hands!! To cute! Get this off of my hands!!!

Take care - loves

Selena said...

Great work.