Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Scenes from the Skloss House

So we get home today from our Easter Bunny visit and walking around the mall and Clay is very tired. I have a headache so Clay and I are having mutual nap time. Mike likes mutual nap time because then he gets to go to the gym and doesn't miss out on anything exciting.
He gets Clay all snug in his bed and starts to leave and I ask, " Did you change his diaper?" He says no and I say something about how I think he'll sleep longer and feel better with fresh pants. So he goes in and changes his diaper while I'm getting some other stuff done.
He starts to leave (again) and mentions something about me checking on Clay because he thinks he might be playing in his bed. So, Mike leaves and I go to check on Clay. When I walk in his room, the smell hits. Clay is standing up in his bed, with parts of his curtains and sheers pulled into his bed, too. I think to myself, 'I know Mike JUST changed his diaper. Is the smell still lingering or did he make a fresh mess just for me???' So I lay him down in his bed to do a quick check and sure enough- he left me something special.
I grab a couple of wipes from the changing table (literally, two steps away) and get him all cleaned up. I reach again to the changing table to grab a diaper and Clay starts laughing. Hysterically. I'm thinking- 'What in the world could be so funny?' Ah, yes. The pee fountain. In his bed. Fantastic. As soon as I saw it I shrieked. He laughed harder.
I reach over to get a diaper (again) and the phone starts ringing. Even better. It's Mike calling because he forgot his gym locker key (he's been gone maybe five minutes). He hears Clay laughing and I say, "I'm SO glad you're coming home." Poor Mike, he didn't catch the sarcasm.
He comes up to get his key and wanted to see why Clay was laughing so hard. I show him his son's handiwork and we're discussing who is going to change Clay's clothes and who will change the crib sheet- all the while Clay is cracking up. I wonder why. Between trying to get a diaper the first time and seeing a fountain, then trying again and the phone ringing, I just gave up. As Mike and I look down in disbelief, Clay is now pooping on the sheet. Who needs diapers anyway??


Raena said...

I just LOVE those days! ;)

Rebecca said...

that is just too funny!

Nana & Papa said...

Brittany & Mike,
We LOVE this story. Brittany, you are very creative in your writing. We especially like the term 'Pee Fountain.' Mike, as your parents, we smile knowing that now you get to see how much you can truly love something that makes such a mess!
We know that our sons are a blessing to us,then we learned how much our new daughters could be a blessing, but now with GRANDCHILDREN we are truly, and richly blessed!