Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hoppy Easter

We had a fun little first Easter for Clay. Mike had to work but he was able to make it to the Easter bunny with us the week before and we saved our Easter basket and egg hunt for when Daddy came home. I hid his eggs in all the places he likes to pull up to a stand or to crawl and surprisingly, Clay was pretty good at the egg hunt. So cute. Here's a few pics:

Clay's first visit to the Easter Bunny

His Easter Basket and new xylophone
Little Bunny

Bunnies play the xylophone, too
Giving the bunny a kiss
Funny bunnies
We had Easter bubbles in our basket (his first time to see bubbles)
I'm gonna catch one
Tired bunny


Anonymous said...

omg Haven't seen you guys in forever but I must say CLAY does look like DADDY! Glad all is well for both of ya'll! Take care of that little one! oh and keep him away from MY girls! hehe happy Easter to ya'll...and hope to see little one face to face soon hopefully without the shot gun!


Jennifer said...

Cute new look!! And I love the picture of Clay at the end yawning. Too cute!

Marina said...

I think it's time for a new post missy! :)