Sunday, May 11, 2008

Birthday Week

Our month of company continued when my dad came in the first week of May to celebrate his birthday, mine and Clay's. His is the 1st, mine's the 4th and Clay's is the 9th. Happy Birthday to us! Unfortunately, I forgot to get any pics of my dad with Clay (next time, Dad). We got to try out Rafain which is a Brazilian steakhouse where they walk around with the meat on the swords and slice it onto your plate. My dad had never been to a Brazilian steakhouse and I think Clay ate his weight in meat! We had a really nice visit and Clay got to show his Grandpa lots of fun things. It was such a fun week around our house.

For my birthday, I decided that the one thing I really wanted was a Roomba 570. Roomba's are robotic vacuums that are supposed to be fabulous. So I told Mike about it and MUCH to my surprise, a Roomba was delivered to my door as a birthday/Mother's Day present from Mike, Clay and my in-laws. I was SO excited. It's exactly what I love in a present- practical, practical and practical. Her name is Rosie (after the Jetson's robot) and she has been quite the helper around my house this week. Thank you Mike, Anita, Bobby and Clay!

Since I'm the kind of person who reads other people's blogs to see what they think of their gadgets, I'll make sure to put an update to let you know how Rosie does. As of now, we push a button and she vacuums for three hours from room to room (she even does baseboards!) We have ALL hardwoods with area rugs (and three animals) so she saves me some serious vacuuming time. Yippee!

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Nana said...

I am up next for the Roomba. I want a "Rosie" for my new carpet!