Sunday, May 11, 2008

Company's Comin' to Town

It's been such a busy month for our house so I haven't posted since April! Our house has been full of family and full of fun! Two of our favorite people in the whole wide world came to visit us the first week of April. My niece Casey and nephew Kaelen spent a week with us. Clay had a blast (of course) and all of us were sad when it was time for them to go home. We spent some time at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine and had the BEST time. It's a new indoor waterpark resort that is so great for families. You have to stay at the resort to have access to all of their fun things and we went during the week AND during the school year meaning NO CROWDS! We all had a fantastic time and didn't want to leave. We also went to a lot of other fun kiddo places in town and played and played. Here's a little picture recap:

Going Bonkers at Goin' Bonkers

Clay modeling his swimwear at the Great Wolf Waterpark
Just Having Fun
Doing the MagiQuest Treasure (another really fun activity for older kids at GWL)

Everybody Riding Along at Chuck E. Cheese

As soon as Casey and Kaelen left, we made a last minute trip to our old stomping grounds- San Antonio. The best part was getting to visit with Casey and Kaelen's little sister, Brittan. She is so sweet. Whereas Clay has absolutely NO volume control (and never has), this little girl barely squeaks when she is upset. You actually have to tell people that she is crying. She is such a happy girl! How much fun to watch these two grow up together!

Here's a couple of pics of Clay and Brittan sitting on Mike's lap. I wasn't sure exactly what these two were saying so I asked Clay to translate for me so I could tell all of you nice readers. Here's what he said:

C: "Hey Brittan, I've got something to show you that my Daddy taught me. Are you ready??"

C: "Okay, Brittan, this is called a "GUN SHOW!!!""

You can tell Brittan was super impressed...

We had all of this running around to do and all of this company to see but Clay has one signature move to make sure he stays relaxed. He ALWAYS puts one foot up on whatever surface he can find. He sure does know how to make himself at home!

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Nana said...

We LOVE the FOOT! He does look very relaxed. Just chillin' cuz he knows you guys are taking good care of him.
Love you,