Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Day Away

I had a great opportunity for some time for "Mama Pampering" on Tuesday with my BFF Rebecca. Mike kept Clay at home while Rebecca and I went and finalized fabrics for Carolina's bedding and had a spa day.

We started out at a cute little tearoom called The Wonderful World of Cooking. We had never been there but I had always wanted to try it. It was really nice to have a relaxing atmosphere and adult conversation for a change! Their food was different and gave us a chance to try out some new stuff (broccoli salad?!). We found some new stuff we liked and I think we will definitely go back.

After lunch, we went to the spa which was right next door. So convenient! Carrollton Salon and Spa was a great spa. I picked it for the location (right next to the restaurant) and the great specials they were having. I was a little nervous because there were no pictures on their website but it was totally clean, professional and fun. They were even nice enough to substitute a prenatal massage instead of the Swedish massage that normally comes with the package at no extra charge.

The spa is also in a great location because it is surrounded by shops. Lunch in the tearoom and massages and facials at the spa- who could ask for anything more?? I would absolutely recommend both places.

After my day away I was ready to get home to see what my boys had been up to. My amazing husband had taken Clay to lunch, taken him swimming, put him down for a nap, vacuumed and mopped, done several loads of laundry, folded and hung the clothes AND cooked dinner - lamb! Way to put my days at home to shame! Some days I feel lucky to get my teeth brushed before he comes home!

It was a great day and much needed. A little R&R was wonderful!


Jennifer T. said...

I LOVE Wonderful World of Cooking! Their chicken salad is amazing!!!

Jennifer said...

It is so nice to have some time away...come to think of that I haven't had some in a long time!!! Have fun getting ready for your little girl to come!

Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

Yep, I feel lucky to get my teeth brushed some days too. he he Glad some of your days are the same.


Rebecca said...

Ya the chicken salad is amazing! I loved the spa too!:)

Jennifer said...

I just figured you needed one more comment from a Jennifer. I have never been to a spa but will one day make Kevin pay for a looooong day for me. At least a massage should be in my near future. :) And yes, I LOVE my new blog!