Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Boy

Now that Clay is walking, he is into EVERYTHING! He keeps me constantly busy. It's so funny to watch what he will do next.

Looking for the kitties in the bathroom
Stealing the dog's bed and making her sleep on the floor
This is where I found him when he got too quiet

This one cracked me up. He put this blanket over his head and I KNOW he thought I couldn't see him at all because he had that blanket on him. He crawled all over "hiding" from me! He ended up "hiding" behind the armoire.

"Catch me if you can!"

"You can't see me!"

And since he's such a big boy now, he is always doing things to "help".

All the things I cleaned out of his clothes hamper. What a great cleaner!

My little dishwasher

He cleans EVERYTHING...
...even the dog!

After all of that playing and cleaning, though, a boy's gotta get some zzzz's.

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Rebecca said...

This post is just too funny! I especially love the one where he's playing hide n go seek.LOL