Monday, July 28, 2008

Sleepy and Sluggish

I have to admit that I have been feeling in a funk lately. The little things frustrate me and I just feel SO sluggish. Carolina is getting bigger by the day (she's currently measuring 2 weeks ahead) and Clay is getting faster. I've reached the point where I get up to go the bathroom at least 5-6 times a night but usually more like 8-10. I don't sleep anymore and I am tired. Very tired. Carolina is sitting so much lower than Clay ever did therefore we spend a lot of time in the little girls' room.

The night before last I was at my wit's end with the no sleeping thing. I decided to take a warm bath with one of those relaxing scrubs you get at Bath & Body Works and I knew it would be the answer to my problems. Not really.

After I woke up the sixth or seventh time and STILL smelled that stuff, I was ready to go take another bath just to get it off me. The best was when I came back to bed one time and Mike was coughing. In his sleep daze, all I could understand was something about how strong that stuff was and it was waking him up, too. So much for a relaxing product...

So after another sleepless night, I was talking to Mike yesterday morning about how I've been feeling. You know, somehow he always has a way of making it better. We just had a simple conversation while Clay was napping and Mike was driving around but it felt good to have someone listen and be empathetic. We talked about totally unimportant things but it was time well spent. Even though it was just a conversation and not a nap I still felt more relaxed and refreshed.

Later at lunch, Mike was making some notes on the little pad he carries in his pocket (he was on-duty but home for lunch) and he gave the little note to Clay to hand to me. I had to wrestle Clay a little to get the paper but it had three choices of activities for the evening. Mike had asked Rebecca to watch Clay so we could have a date night.

Since there weren't any good movies playing at the times we needed I chose a nice dinner out. The only restaurant choice Mike had given me was Ruth's Chris so that's where we went. We'd never been there together before but it was so nice. The steaks were really good and the company was even better. Such a relaxing evening!

I didn't have high hopes for the day to start with but I'm grateful to have a husband who listens and thinks about my needs. Sometimes it's just the little things.


Raena said...

That is SO sweet of Mike! I remember feeling that same way not too long ago...before you know it Miss Caroline will be out and turning one! Wish ya'll lived here so you could join us in celebrating Halle's first. HUGS!

anita and bobby said...

It's nice to hear that Mike is a good husband. I will take some credit for that, but mostly it is Mike. Bobby said to tell you, "You are welcome Britany." He says Mike takes totally after him. Well, at least in the sense of humor department. Hope you get some sleep soon. Nana and Papa volunteer for some babysitting when you come down for a visit.