Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Update

I was waiting to have some new pics before I posted again but that's not happening right now so here's a quick update post anyway.

We went to the OB last Tuesday and tried to have a 4D sono of Carolina. Her umbilical cord was in the way the whole time so we rescheduled for next week- more pics then. As of last Tuesday, her weight was 3 lbs. 6 oz. (average is 2 lbs. 2 oz.) so she is currently measuring 3 weeks ahead, sitting breech (we saw her bottom planted directly on my bladder) and has a huge head. Think that's funny? Not when you're 5'2". We do feel blessed to have a healthy baby girl, though. Her little face is cute as can be.

I took the gestational diabetes test and failed so I had to return for the 3 hour test. If you've never done it, here's what it is: fasting for 12 hours, then having your blood drawn + drinking a sugar filled drink and having blood drawn every hour for the next three hours. It's a real party.

Mike was Father of the Year and brought Clay along so I wouldn't have to be by myself (he's never missed a doctor's appointment with either baby). They dropped me off and spent the first hour at McDonald's, we toured the newly renovated Labor and Delivery for the second hour and played wrestle-your-tired-baby-on-a-small-couch in the waiting room for the third hour. What a lovely morning it was...

We got the results back today and I don't have gestational diabetes. We were so excited to hear that news! This pregnancy has gone so well and we know that we have been blessed, yet again.

We've made it to the every 2 weeks stage of visiting the doctor so that means we're on the home stretch. Each time we see the doctor I hope he will look at the info and mention something about moving her due date up. The last three ultrasounds have shown her to be 2-3 weeks ahead (she's getting further ahead each time). I always ask about it and he just says "She's looks great." Not what I wanted to hear. Maybe as we get closer...

Clay is getting to be such a big boy, now. He's almost 16 months and he's the cutest thing. He's been a babbler for about 6 months now but we couldn't understand a darn thing the child was saying (except for Dada and dog).

Since his 15 month appt. is coming up (did you catch that he's almost 16 months and he hasn't had his 15 month yet? Great mothering, I know.) I decided to investigate what kind of skills our pediatrician would be looking for. Turns out we needed to have some Baby Babble Bootcamp.

Mike and I got tough (and very annoying) and starting repeating everything a dozen times. It worked! In the past week, he's started saying duck, hot, cat and shoes. He also points to his ears, nose and shirt. It seems like he's repeating more every day.

Now don't think I haven't been trying to teach this child all these things for the past six months but for some reason he just turned a corner one day. Not that I thought there was anything wrong with my child but I'm glad to know he can say more than two words (and now his doctor's not going to put me in time-out).

So that's the rundown at our house. Hopefully, next week I will have some pictures!

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