Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No News is Good News

We just finished up an exciting overnight stay at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano. Yeah! I started leaking fluid (again) on Saturday and went in to have it checked out. Our doctor is very much the "better safe than sorry" kind of guy so he had me admitted until today (Tuesday). Nothing exciting, no Carolina yet- just a little fun in the hospital. And also very exciting, when I asked about my polyhydramnios our doctor said I had the most amniotic fluid of any patient on the floor. Who could ask for anything more???

Rebecca was nice enough to keep Clay on Saturday afternoon and spent the night until Sunday night. Clay loves his Aunt Rebecca and she is on our VERY short list of those we entrust with him for longer than 2 minutes. Thanks Aunt Rebecca and Happy Belated Birthday!

Clay and his Aunt Rebecca

Poor Mike! Because I am trying to be cautious and save up all of Mike's time off until I have two little people in my house, I made him go to work on Saturday and Sunday. He would have much rather taken care of Clay and me BUT Rebecca did great with Clay and I handled the hospital bed rest with a couple of visits here and there. We're just glad to be home all in one place and we're hoping the next time we go in (at full term, hopefully) that we can bring Miss Carolina home with us.

Here are a few pics from our stay:

Mommy and Clay

Clay loves to play "Where's Baby?"


Jennifer said...

Glad both you ladies are okay! Hospital stays are never too much fun since there is always a PCA taking your vitals or a dumb nurse talking right outside your door... man we're mean!

Rebecca said...

Clay and I had soo much fun! I'm glad that you girls are finally out of there. Can't wait to see Miss Carolina!!!

jennifer said...

Glad you and Carolina are hanging in there! It is nice you ahve friends like Rebecca to hang out with Clay!