Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Not Tired

Carolina is doing pretty well at sleeping through the night but she is definitely a cat napper during the day. Clay sleeps in long stretches but this girl doesn't want to miss a thing!
The best part about her not wanting to take a nap is the faces she gives me when I pass by the swing as she's trying to fall asleep (sometimes she sleeps in the swing, sometimes the Moses basket). She is almost always grinning at me. Here's a little sample:

When I first approach, she gets this giddy grin:

She laughs at me when I tell her it's nap time

Getting sad- "Awww, Mom, are you serious about this nap time?"

She does a little stretch to prepare for her siesta

Trying her best at holding that pacifier in

Vic-tor-y, Vic-tor-y!

Good Night, Carolina!


Jamie Skloss said...

Your sweet pea has the prettiest grin! Just lovely, she is so precious.

Anita/Nana said...

I love the grin pic and I bet you love the sleeping one(finally). I can see why it would be so hard for her to close her eyes to sleep cuz there is so many fun things to do around there? Who would want to miss anything? She is my kind of girl!