Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

This week's Clay Day was at the zoo. He's been kind of a cranky guy lately so we thought some sunshine, exercise and animals might do him some good. He had such a great time and ran until he had to sit in the stroller to rest (very rare for our little man).

Mike and I were very excited to take him to the zoo since "monkeys" is one of the words we hear all the time. He has been talking about them ever since we drove past Rainforest Cafe last week. He'll talk about monkeys all day and repeat the word fifteen times in a row. We were very excited to be able to show him some monkeys and gorillas (close enough to a monkey) in person.

Most of the time he was more interested in running than looking at the actual animals. We bought a zoo pass so hopefully he'll notice there are animals in the cages at some point!

Carolina rode in the stroller and napped most of the time. She wasn't too impressed with all of the action. She did wake up for a little bit and rode in the front seat of the stroller. The kids on their school field trips kept talking to her as we drove past them. This one little girl told me as she nudged past me, "Excuse me! Oh, and I like your baby!" So funny!

It was such a beautiful day to be out and about yesterday. We can't wait to go back again for some more zoo fun!


Jennifer W. said...

I love that Carolina and Clay in the turtle picture are making the exact same face. :)

Me and My Boys said...

The boys have never been to the zoo..isn't that wild? I think they would really love it.

Rebecca said...

It looks like yall had fun!! Those are some fun pics!

Anita/Nana said...

Love Carolina's outfit! Perfect for the zoo! Papa and I also think it is so cute when Clay stops to rest. I guess it is because it is such a rare site. LOL

Jamie Skloss said...

I love Clay's lil' monkey shoes!