Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Clay Day at the Arboretum

This week's Clay Day was at the Arboretum. We had the children's pictures made with a real Easter bunny and walked around and looked at the beautiful flowers. The Arboretum is gorgeous during the spring with thousands of flowers every where you look.

Every time we go I leave a little sad because we never get really good pictures from our camera there. It's the ideal place to have a picture made of your kids but Clay NEVER cooperates when Mike and I try taking pictures (and Carolina can't sit on her own yet). Why should we jump around sweating and getting exasperated when we can just pay someone else to do it in a studio? Sometimes paying the money is just worth it!

So, instead of spending our time trying to get the perfect portrait we decided to go the petting zoo part. Here's some pics of Clay petting the animals:

After checking out the animals, he was very happy to roam free around the paths of the Arboretum and he got some energy out of his system. (With all of the other pics I used my "real" camera so I have to get them developed and can't post them just yet).

Clay is teething (again) and so we kept his Clay Day a little shorter yesterday. The poor guy has a runny nose and is grouchy as can be. He had a good time, though, so our Clay Day was a success!


Anita/Nana said...

I think you may have something here...we should all try to have a "Clay Day", maybe not once a week but at least once a month. They always look like such fun.
Now I can't wait for "Carolina Day's" to start. More pictures and fun for everyone!

Jamie Skloss said...

I can't wait to see those cuties!

jennifer said...

Looks like a great day!! And the pictures of Carolina from the last post are too cute!

Me and My Boys said...

I love Clay's outfit! Where did you get it??

Rebecca said...

That place is soo fun!! I can't wait to see more pics!!