Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carolina's Cereal

Carolina is a big girl now! She had her first rice cereal over the weekend. It was clear she wasn't a big fan of the cereal but she didn't fuss about it at all. Her personality is pretty easy going (most of the time) so it didn't really surprise us that she didn't have much of a reaction. She just kept spitting it back at me and giving me disgusted (but cute) faces. This was so nice compared to Clay who cried the whole time!

We fed her while Clay was taking a nap and I think she loved getting all the attention (Nana and Papa were here, too). Have I mentioned lately what a cute girl she is??

Wondering what was coming...

That first bite
"Seriously, Mom, who eats this stuff??"

"Do we have to do that again??"


Jennifer W. said...

That's the cutest "grossed out" face I've ever seen. Except for Avelyn of course :). She is so adorable in that pink bow!

Rebecca said...

Those faces of Carolina are just priceless!! Love the bow too!

Anita/Nana said...

A girl has to have accessories... especially when she might not be putting her best face forward. Love the bow and the matching pink spoon.